These Baby Triplets Are Pretty Proud Of Their Drumming Skills


You know what can take the stress out of a stressful day? An adorable video. And what’s the most adorable kind of video? One with a baby in it! Well, here’s your daily dose of cuteness, and it features not one but three little munchkins! Meet these baby triplets who are oh-so-proud of their musical talents and can’t wait to show them off to Dad.

For anyone who happens to be a parent, you know that having kids means you get to experience a level of joy that is second to none. Sure, you’d love to forget the times when your baby’s crying at three in the morning or when your toddler starts throwing an ear-busting tantrum. But there are moments like the one you’ll see in this adorable video, which makes all the effort worth it!


Babies love having fun. What they probably don’t realize is that their shenanigans are even more fun to watch. Take these baby triplets for instance, who are too busy having fun to care if anyone’s listening. But their dad filmed their antics, and the internet is loving it!

In the video below, the Maybin triplets are seen discovering the loudest way to amuse themselves. Once they get their tiny hands on an old cardboard box, it doesn’t take long for them to start tapping on it. Dad, who happens to be behind the camera, can’t be any more proud of his little ones! Because you know, even if they’re not exactly in tune with one another, this is probably how all famous drummers start out, right?

What makes the video extra funny is how the babies seem to get further into their drum and dance routine once they realize their dad is filming them. Come to think of it, “The Maybin Triplets” does sound like a band name already. So ladies and gentlemen, let’s put our hands together for The Maybin Triplets!

Babies just want to have fun. When they’re not drumming cardboard boxes, they could be drawing on walls or messing up rooms! But no matter what they do, their innocence and complete lack of self-consciousness only add to their charm.

Watch the adorable triplets in action by clicking on the video below. Do you think they could be the next Jonas Brothers? Because we certainly do! If you enjoyed the Maybin triplets and their sweet performance, don’t forget to share this happy little post with your family and friends.


[Article Source: Octodad ]