Watch What Happens When This Country Star Serenades His Beloved Pup


Brett Eldredge doesn’t need an introduction. But he does keep getting more and more awesome every day! He’s already one of the bestselling artists on the country music scene right now. And ladies, need we comment on his looks?! But Brett Eldredge fans have recently found yet another reason to love the guy, after his soulful serenade to his beloved dog, Edgar Boogie.

Edgar Boogie is a rather famous dog. If you’ve been following Brett Eldredge for any length of time, you’ll know that he and Edgar are hardly ever apart. In fact, the dog is regularly featured in the singer’s Snapchat account. No matter how busy Brett is, he always makes it a point to spend time with his number one fella.

Right now, for instance, Brett is busy promoting his hit single “The Long Way”. He is currently on tour with fellow country music singer Luke Bryan. Though Brett clearly has a lot on his plate right now, he puts everything aside to spend time with his furry best friend. They share many heartwarming moments together, going on adventures or simply goofing around on camera.


Brett and Edgar are not alone. According to scientific research, human beings can love their pet dogs the way they love their own children. Well, the good news is that the feeling is mutual! Researchers have discovered that the hormone oxytocin spikes in both humans and their canine companions when they gaze at each other. Oxytocin, if you don’t already know, triggers feelings of unconditional love and protection. So this piece of information adds a lot of sense to the video you are about to see!

In the short video below, Brett Eldredge can be heard singing “You Are My Sunshine” to his dog, Edgar. The Johnny Cash song couldn’t be a better lullaby for the sleepy dog who eventually closes his eyes mid-song. Seems quite obvious that Edgar loves his human’s soulful voice and appreciates every moment spent with him. And of course, the internet can’t help but be charmed as well. This video has been liked on Facebook more than 500,000 times and has garnered an almost equal number of social media shares as well. Looks like everyone is falling in love with this relationship!

Watch the video below to see Brett’s touching serenade to Edgar. We’re sure your pet will love something like this too, so maybe get some ideas from here as well! Know any dog lovers out there? Don’t forget to share this heartwarming post with them.


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