Brothers Surprise Sister At Her Wedding When They Start Rapping


Wedding’s are a very special moment for not only the bride and groom but the entire family as well. Thankfully we have a colorful spectrum of traditions, and for that, we end up with some unique weddings that we just happen to catch on camera along with their crazy speeches.

In preparation for any marriage, it can be extremely stressing trying to figure out the right things to say to the bride and groom. It can be sentimental, funny, embarrassing or sad, either way, one thing is for sure, in most cases, the bride and groom will love it.

I remember giving my speech at my brother’s wedding and it ended up being very emotional for me, but funny for him. Nevertheless, it made for a great moment to be remembered.

These two brothers here are no different in that they are sharing their version of how they saw their sister from their own perspective while growing up. The best part is, they came up with their rap to sing to their sisters and it’s something you have to see.