She Tries To Get Baby To Say Momma But What The Dog Says Instead Is Hilarious


Dogs have mixed reactions to a toddler in the family. When that immobile baby starts walking, and worse yet  –  grabbing, it’s time for man’s best friend to rethink the relationship. Some dogs become jealous and threatened, some adore their new family member and feel responsible for protecting them. But never before has a dog actually tried to become human to fit in with its new friend. Of all the comical dog reactions to toddlers, this one can only be classified as strange.

For all the grabbing, pulling and yelling that comes from tiny humans, most dogs learn quickly that there is one major fringe benefit. Food.  And lots of it! Their tireless patience is rewarded, because the best part about toddler is that they are messy. Their mess means a free meal for their watchful canine companion. This dog is not different as he supervises mealtime between mommy and baby.

Watch as the mom tries to coax her son to utter the word, “momma”, using bits of food as a reward for cooperation. The toddler doesn’t seem the least bit interested, but his furry friend doesn’t miss a beat.


It doesn’t take long for him to realize that his child is being rewarded with treats in exchange for something.  As the mother repeats the word over and over again, the dog’s eyes never leave her. Or the food on the fork she’s holding, being offered so readily.

Desperate to get a taste of that tempting treat, this pup shows up his human counterpart with a reaction that you have to see to believe. His growls may sound unintelligible at first, but before long he’s mastered it, clearly sounding out the word, “momma.”

While the “momma” seems amused by the dog’s efforts to speak, her son clearly takes issue with being shown up, as he shoves his speaking pup away. Maybe next time he’ll learn to try a little harder! Nothing should stand in the way of a well-earned treat!


[Source: America’s Funniest Home Videos  ]