Father Gives Up Child for Adoption And Never Expected This To Happen After 24 Years


In life, things do happen for a reason. Both favorable and unfavorable circumstances occur throughout our lives. Sometimes, we just let them be while most of the time we question how an individual occurrence came about.

This story is about Will Russell, who gave up his daughter for adoption at a very young age. Fate has worked it’s incredible ways in the lives of Will Russell and Amy Roberson, two complete strangers working as volunteers at the Phoenix Rescue Mission. Strangers as they may be, these two individuals have more in common than just their passion for serving and giving back to the community.

Twenty-four years back, Will was just a teenager. Outgoing and living a free life, Will had vices he could not live without and some serious addictions to overcome. Will was enjoying life to the fullest until he learned he was to become a father. With his current life struggles, Will knew he could not provide a life for his daughter, and that’s when he decided to give up his little angel and handed her over for adoption after she was born.

Right then, life was not easy for Will. His addiction kept him from living a pleasant life. Everything was in a troubled haystack for him; things were leading towards a downward drift rather than up.

But do you believe in miracles? Will’s life changed dramatically. He overcame his addiction and changed the direction of his life for the better. In 2004, Will became a pastor and devoted his time to helping others. He later found himself volunteering for the Phoenix Rescue Mission.


The organization provides life-transforming solutions to people facing hunger and homelessness.” He started as a volunteer on his free time and later on transitioned into a full-time ministry position. Little did Will know that this place would be the avenue where his dream would come true – finding his long-lost daughter.

On the other hand, Amy Roberson, a 24-year old lady, has been searching for her biological family. After all these years, her efforts had eventually led her to find her father.

For months now, Amy has been an active volunteer at the Phoenix Rescue Mission. And to her disbelief, this is the very place where she would find the answers to her questions. Amy eventually learned that she has been working alongside her father, Will Russell the whole time.

After obtaining a phone number for Will, Amy called him, and they both arranged to meet finally. After 24 years, they had their very first encounter. Both had a lot of catching up to do. Will, on the other hand, explained how he had made his decisions and what he did to correct his mistakes.

Right there, the father and daughter were reunited once more.

The universe truly works in ways we cannot understand. Whether this was a genuine act of fate, or a higher power, either way, it has a beautiful ending.


[Source: SavageNationLiberty ]