Grannny Is Talked Into A Makeover And It Sheds Off Years


Christopher Hopkins is a miracle worker. He’s more than just a makeover specialist for women over 40. Remember what you feel like on a good day? How productive you are at work, and how pleasant every social interaction is? More often than not, it’s the little things that make us feel good about ourselves. And Chris specializes in creating these feel-good moments. Read on to find out how much happiness this sweet granny’s makeover brought to her and to her loved ones!

As people grow older, most of them start disregarding their looks. But the truth is, you can look and feel beautiful at just about any age! Mary Johnsen’s happy story is bound to inspire you to go out there and get a little feel-good boost yourself. It all started when Mary’s granddaughter noticed how much her granny loved ‘The Makeover Guy’, a.k.a. Christopher Hopkins.


Turns out, Mary had been going through a tough year. A close friend of hers was hospitalized and she lost several loved ones along the way. Her spirits desperately needed some lifting, and her teenage granddaughter decided to do something about it. And who better to ask for help than makeover-specialist Chris himself? As Mary stepped into the studio, you could tell from her face that she was nervous. But Chris saw something else altogether! After taking one look at Mary’s long, curly gray hair, he had the perfect new hairdo in mind.

So what happened next? Well, as expected, Chris worked his magic to deliver exceptional results. In the video below, check out how Mary’s granddaughter reacts to the big reveal. Her utter amazement is only natural, given how youthful and glowing her grandma looks after her makeover! A gushing Mary later stated that even her husband told her that night that she looked beautiful.

Not all of us are lucky enough to get Christopher Hopkins to give us a makeover, but getting a nice haircut sure does its bit to put you in a fantastic mood. This is something that most people will attest to. So if you’re feeling low, that salon appointment might be just what you need!

Are you curious about what Mary looked like after her haircut? Click on the video below and prepare to be shocked! And make sure you spread the good vibes all around; don’t forget to click the share button below to show this granny’s makeover to your family and friends.


[Article Source: TheMakeoverGuy ]