Massive Fin Whale Charges At Whale Sighting Tour Boat


Moby Dick was a great story, but would you like for it to come true while you’re at sea? Encountering a whale from a distance is scary enough, let alone coming face-to-face with one on its home turf! Which is why the people in this video deserve a medal at the very least. You see, their whale sighting tour took a sharp U-turn when a massive fin whale came charging at them! Find out what happened below.

Whales have always fascinated us, humans. Massive, majestic and mysterious, these sea dwellers have found mentions in everything from the Bible to our beloved childhood tales (remember Pinocchio?). It’s no surprise that whale sighting tours are as popular as they are, seeing as how they let us glimpse whales in their natural habitat, though from a safe distance.

Which is what this whale watching tour had in mind as they set sail off the coast of Tadoussac, a village in Quebec, Canada. They ended up getting up close and personal with a giant fin whale! One of the tourists on board, Eric Mouellic, recorded the shocking moment and posted the clip on YouTube. Now, we’re pretty sure any tourist would love to see a whale up close. But trust us, this particular whale sighting wasn’t exactly for the fainthearted!


Mouellic was on his first trip to Canada when he decided to sign up with a whale watching group in Tadoussac. He started filming the adventure right away and was able to capture some incredible footage of whales swimming near their boat. But nobody in the tour group would have expected to see any of the whales get this close to the boat! The glorious fin whale even opened its mouth wide and lifted its pectoral fin as if to say hello before dipping below the vessel. Fortunately, neither the whale nor the tourists were hurt. But the experience did leave a lasting impression on the whale watching group.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada has estimated the population of fin whales in the Northern Atlantic to be somewhere between 5000 and 11,000. These numbers indicate that the species is currently endangered. Other than Canada, fin whales also inhabit waters around the Gulf of Maine, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the Mediterranean Sea. Fin whales can grow up to 20-27 meters in length. They have distinctively ribbed bellies and an asymmetrical discoloration. They feed primarily on krill and occasionally on small fish, squid, and some crustaceans.

You can admire a fin whale in all its splendor in the video. The clip is also a reminder that wild animals like the fin whale need to be respected at all times. Hopefully, it will help spread awareness and assist the conservation of these wonderful creatures. You can also do your bit by sharing this post with your friends and family!


[Article Source: Eric Mouellic ]