Loyal Dogs Keep Lost Toddler Company For Hours


Guess what this plucky dog and pup duo just did. They helped the police find and rescue a missing 2-year old! And no, we aren’t talking about police dogs here. Bella Grace and her 12-week-old pup Madeline were just doing their usual thing – being fiercely protective of their 2-year old human master! Keep reading to learn all about this strange incident that has proved, yet again, that dogs are the most loyal friends we can ever ask for!

There are countless tales of dogs and their unwavering loyalty to their owners. Remember Hachiko, the Akita who greeted his owner at the train station every time he returned home from work? When the man passed away, Hachiko continued to return to the same spot every day for nine years until his own death. Another famously loyal canine was Hawkeye, the Labrador who belonged to a Navy SEAL. When the brave soldier died, Hawkeye refused to leave his owner’s side and lay by his casket until he was buried.


Joining the ranks of Hachiko and Hawkeye are two Minnesota based dogs. If it wasn’t for them, who knows what might have happened to 2-year-old Mason! Mason and his three cousins were playing outside their home when the toddler happened to wander off into the cornfield. Fortunately, his dog Bella Grace made it a point to never leave his side.

Bella Grace and her 12-week-old puppy Madeline loyally followed the adventurous toddler. After a while, Mason’s grandparents Jerri and Rick Gertken realized that he was missing. Panic-stricken, they called the local police who began a search in the area.

As day turned to night, the authorities decided to use a police helicopter to aid their search. To their amazement, the thermal vision camera on the helicopter managed to capture the stark image of Mason, Bella Grace, and Madeline in the cornfield. Turns out, the child had wandered about a quarter of a mile away from the family’s backyard.

The chopper pilot then directed Mason’s location to the officers on the ground. After three long hours, Mason and his loyal dogs were finally brought to safety. According to reports, Mason had no injuries but was shivering from the cold.

When asked if Bella Grace’s efforts had played a role in Mason’s recovery, County Sheriff Vic Weiss told the media that the searchers had “heard the dog barking at one point [before the boy was located], then it stopped barking”. He added that he was absolutely sure that Bella Grace and Madeline played a crucial role in bringing Mason back to safety.

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[Article Source: Inside Edition ]