No Need For Nursing Homes With The Evolution Of Granny Pods


When parents age and get to the point of requiring assisted living, it’s always tough to put them away in a nursing home not knowing how they’ll be cared for.  It’s a time in our lives that most of us will reach someday.   When that time comes, many families just want the best for their aged parents.  Whether that is living in a nursing home, an elderly community with minimal assistance.

Fortunately enough Granny Pods have become the new thing lately.  These pods come fully equipped with all the necessities for living and are portable.  These new pods are also known as MED Cottages.  The cottages allow for family’s to keep their loved ones nearby but at the same time allowing them to have their own space.


The nice thing about the Granny Pods is that they come fully furnished with lighted floor boards, hand railings and first aid kits.  In addition a full bathroom, kitchen and sleeping quarters. The pods are specifically designed with senior citizens in mind while everything is handicap accessible.

Reverend Kenneth Dupin gets the credit for the idea of Granny Pods concept and it’s since evolved.  The original design had them at approximately 12×24 feet.

Most would agree that the Granny Pods are cheaper than the cost of nursing homes and the perfect for placing them on a caregiver’s property.  This may be the new wave of the future and where some of us may end up, and it doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

Watch the video below and check these things out, we think you’ll be quite impressed and would love to know your thoughts. Once again be sure to share with family and friends if you found this interesting.


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