Street Pianist Is 84 Years Old And Plays Like A Rockstar


Those bitten by the travel bug have an all-new reason to head Down Under! That’s because the internet has discovered a rising star amid the bustling streets of Melbourne, Australia’s art capital, and meeting her in person would be an experience of a lifetime. Our protégé today isn’t a teen with a stunning voice or a street artist with amazing dance moves. In fact, she happens to be an octogenarian who plays the piano with the passion and pizzazz of a true rockstar!

To say that 84-year-old Natalie Trayling is a skilled pianist would be a major understatement. Take a look at any of her passionate performances, and you’ll be convinced that she deserves all the fame and glory in the world. Which is why it seems rather unfair – to her and to anyone who appreciates good music – that Natalie only recently received the worldwide recognition she deserved, after a video of the trained classical pianist went viral. She can be seen in the clip below, playing a rather whimsical tune that is sure to stun you.


Turns out, Natalie Trayling’s bittersweet life-story matches her musical talent in its ability to move you. Natalie developed a love for music after a nun from her school introduced her to the different musical keys. By the age of 13 or 14, she had composed her very first classical tune. It is, in fact, the same tune that she played in the now viral video. On a personal front, life has not been kind to Natalie. She went through the tragic deaths of her two daughters and had to endure homelessness and poor health. But through all of her ordeals, her love for music kept her going.

According to ABC news, a stint in the Royal Melbourne Hospital did not stop Natalie from playing music. She willingly played a tune for those working in the A&E department while she was in recovery. This extraordinary street pianist will be turning 85 this October and shows no signs of stopping. She heads over to any available piano she sees – be it at a department store set-up or a street display – just to bring busy city folks some musical respite from their mundane routines.

Watch as Natalie puts her skills on display in the video below. Prepare to be whisked away to a faraway place as she takes you on a magical ride! Natalie’s talent truly deserves to be shared with the world. So help spread her name and touching story by clicking that share button.


[Article Source: Matthew Trayling ]