Wake Up Grandpa! Adorable Twins Are Completely Fascinated By Their Grandpa’s Snoring


Who’s the best babysitter in town? This grandpa sure makes a solid claim to the title. You see, he not only does a great job of looking after the little ones in his charge, but he also has a special ability to keep them from running off. Amazingly, he manages to do that while he’s fast asleep!

It’s no secret that grandparents love being around their grandchildren. This is what makes them such good babysitters. And why wouldn’t you want to leave your baby with grandma or grandpa anyway? Not only do you get to save money, but you’re also assured that your child is in safe hands.

The reverse is equally true. If you’re one of those lucky kids who grew up around their grandparents, you’ll know just how special every day is with them. Remember how excited you’d be about visiting them? The moment your mom dropped you off at their place, a whole world of fun activities was yours to conquer! And your grandparents would give you their undivided attention, which meant that you had full-time playmates for as long as you were with them.


Except during nap times. Grandparents are usually pretty strict when it comes to imposing rules for nap time. But it isn’t just nap time for you; it’s time for them to rest as well. After all, spending a day with an energetic toddler is draining, to say the least.

This grandpa is no exception. He decided to get some well-deserved rest after spending his entire morning with his adorable twin granddaughters. They probably wore him out so much that he dozed off right on the play mat. And that’s when the fun started; it’s all on video below for you to see. Grandpa starts snoring, and the sound completely baffles the twins! They gather around him and even tug at his hair and ears at one point. But despite their best efforts, grandpa remains fast asleep.

The twin girls are obviously too young to know what snoring is. But it’s hilarious to see them attempt to figure it out. The episode proves that even while sleeping, grandpa is the most entertaining babysitter ever!

It’s adorable to see just how fascinated these twin babies are by their grandpa’s snoring! Let us know if you find this snoring grandpa to be hilarious.


[Article Source: AnPsquared ]