Watch: Father & Son Sing Along To Frank Sinatra…

Father Son Sing Frank Sinatra

source: youtube

Frank Sinatra is probably one of the greatest and most influential singers of all time. Believe it or not, Frank Sinatra got his start with his high school glee club back in the 1930’s.  He’s been a sensation since and many people have come to love him.

As one of the most iconic singers in history, Sinatra changed the entire industry throughout the 1950’s and only got better has his voice grew deeper. He expressed emotion in his songs and phrased words in such a way that no other singer can duplicate today.

Nobody said it better when Sinatra said, “Don’t you know you old fool, you never can win.” Sinatra had a way with words and set the new standard for American pop and musical genius.

Sinatra Took Some Time Off From The Music Industry

Something many do not know is that in 1971 Frank went into retirement briefly for a few years. Thankfully he returned otherwise the only version of “New York, New York” might have been Liza Minnelli’s.

Today, there are plenty of cover bands who pay tribute to Frank.  What you are about to hear is a father and son who sing their version of Frank Sinatra while driving in the car. The moment they share together is beautiful and the father’s voice is amazing. If you’re a Sinatra fan, you’ll love it.


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