Woman Delivers Her Baby In Target Thanks To Off-Duty Nurse


Time for a story that’ll make you believe in fate again! We often underestimate the value of being in the right place at the right time. But seriously, good luck and perfect timing can turn even the most impossible things around. Going into labor in a Target store for instance, with no family or friends around, is bound to be mind-numbingly scary. But luckily for the expecting mom in question, Caris Lockwood had a bit of shopping to do at just the right time!

24-year-old Caris works as a nurse in Atlanta. On what seemed like just another day, Caris and her mother Lisa were out shopping at Target, the popular retail store. Their day then took a rather unexpected turn. It was Lisa who first noticed a fellow shopper going into labor. What happened next was both thrilling and nerve-wracking for everyone involved.

The mother-to-be was 30-year-old Tanya Saint Preux Picault. Tanya had been feeling strong contractions throughout the day until Lisa noticed her condition. Initially, Caris thought that her mother was signaling at her to go and say “hi” as she worked with expecting moms in her profession as a nurse. But soon enough, she had realized that Tanya was actually about to give birth! Needless to say, Caris sprang into action and went about helping Tanya and the newborn baby.


When asked by ABC News if she felt any nerves while assisting Tanya in giving birth, Caris had this amazing reply:

“I really wasn’t nervous,” she told the news outlet. “It was certainly an incredible experience, and I truly believe it was one of those moments where God placed the right people in the right place at the right time. I’m grateful that I was there and able to help bring Tanya’s baby into the world.”

With Caris at her side, Tanya safely gave birth to a baby a boy named Maleek, weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces. The whole process lasted for around twenty minutes and took place inside Target! This is certainly going to be something Maleek will love to hear about when he grows older. According to Tanya, she and Caris will continue to stay in touch. We feel pretty confident that theirs is a great friendship in the making!

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[Article Source: Fox News ]