Young Magician Leaves AGT Judges Guessing With His Incredible Card Tricks


Don’t we just love watching magicians at work? Somehow, it’s hard to outgrow that childlike fascination for some good old sleight of hand. Well, make way for this amazing young magician who recently appeared on America’s Got Talent. His skills are exceptional enough to make the likes of Harry Houdini or David Copperfield proud. To top it all, this young performer is all of 15 years old. We can only imagine the tricks he’ll have up his sleeve further down the road!

On the surface, Henry Richardson looked just like any other hopeful looking to win America’s Got Talent. He had a cute, all-American face and a charming attitude to match. But Henry wanted to prove to the judges that he was in it to win it. Which is why he decided to impress them by literally laying his cards on the table.


In a rather bold move (captured in the video below) Henry approaches the judges’ table so they can see the trick up close. First, he asks judge Heidi Klum to sign a card and then slides it back into the deck. Then, Henry asks Seal to hold the deck between his hands. But just as you think you know what’s about to happen next, the skilled magician surprises you with his next move. He injects a bit of “magic” into the deck and transforms it into clear cards! Fellow judge Mel B’s reaction – a resounding “What!” – best describes the impact of the young magician’s trick.

However, Henry’s trick doesn’t end there. He reveals just where Heidi’s card is hiding and even enlists the help of judge Howie in locating the missing card. As expected, everyone was blown away by the boy’s tricks, even “Mr. Nasty” Simon Cowell! Henry was given the chance to move to the second round and hopefully, he’ll get the wild card to proceed to the finals.

No matter what the outcome of the talent show is, Henry Richardson proves that finely honed magic skills don’t just come to the experienced. He also redefines the saying, “the hand is quicker than the eye”. Judging by the video, at least, it is impossible to spot how he managed to switch the decks.

Check out the clip below and prepare to be blown away. And If you know anyone who loves magic as much as we do, then click that share button to show your friends and family just how incredible this young magician is!


[Article Source: America’s Got Talent ]